Canopy for Mac and an Oh My Zsh Terminal window
Enabling Canopy's Python in Oh My Zsh is not that much different than doing so in bash. You just have to edit your .zshrc file and prepend your PATH to look in Canopy's bin folder for packages before looking in your user's bin folder. Find out how.
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Screenshot of Python code distorted and warped
Here is some code that can be used to download an image from a URL, verify that it is actually a non-corrupt image, save the image to Django’s media folder, and then associate that image to a model Class using Django’s ImageField.
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Websense blocking Pandora
If you're at work or school, an SSH tunnel is better than using a VPN to bypass Websense. Using a VPN will route all your traffic through an external server, so you'll lose access to local servers and more than likely lose access to email and your intranet, as well. But with an SSH tunnel...
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Screenshot of Evernote notes overlaid on a desktop
Evernote provides a lot of conveniences: sync, formatting, text recognition in images, the ability to segregate notes into notebooks, sharing, checkboxes, and more. The only problem is you have to open Evernote every time you want to view a note, then scroll through your notes to find the important one. Imagine if you could see...
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Time Machine running on My Book Live
Normally Time Machine will use up much space as is available on the WD My Book Live hard drive. However, there is a simple fix to limit the size of any Time Machine backup volume, and it’s pretty easy to do on a My Book Live. Just replace the Time Machine sparesebundle with a custom...
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