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I set this site up about a month ago and it’s been pretty fun so far. I spent the last year in Buenos Aires, Argentina and wanted to set up a site to show pictures and write about what was going on in my life since I rarely spoke with anyone outside of Argentina. But working, meeting people, and partying took their toll and I didn’t get around to the website until now. Now that it’s up, I continue to have 4-5 visitors a day without doing anything. Kind of cool to know people are checking out your photos. Google Analytics tells me I’ve had visits from France, Canada, Argentina, the U.S., Ecuador, Brazil, Romania, The Netherlands, and Australia. The most visited pages are Antarctica, Blog, and then About. The most viewed photo? Wandering Monk. I’ve been spending most of my time adding pictures to the site instead of writing, but I’ve got a few things on my mind to write in the blog, so I’m going to start filling that up. And I’ll add some more Antarctica pictures soon, too.

Anyway, keep on visiting, whoever you are.

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