I’m a guy who finds the idea of talking about himself online somewhat uncomfortable.  Instead of making myself feel uncomfortable, I would much rather make you feel uncomfortable.  Kapeesh?

Which is why I hope to make this as painful for you to read as it was for me to write.  Let’s begin.

When I was a kid, people asked me all the time if I was “digging for gold up there.”

Recently, I have been very confused as to how one space after a period became the norm.

When I was 9, I bit a lightbulb and it exploded, sending shards of glass into my mouth and 120 amazing volts through my body.  I saw a black and white image of what I believe to be a witch’s skull with hair standing up while I was being electrocuted.

I once saw a child (cancer patient) get a bone marrow biopsy on his hip bone and almost passed out.  The kid barely cried, but apparently a lot of med-school grads pass out when they see their first procedure.  The next day I watched another kid get one of his legs extended in the O.R.  They broke his leg in three places to perform the procedure…a doughnut (sugar) and a banana (potassium) before the surgery helped me keep it together.

I visit my inner child every day.  He has a Tonka Truck.  And a Radio Flyer.

I used to play the sitar and the tabla, but haven’t played either for years.

I have immediate family on three different continents, two different hemispheres.

I love stone carving and woodworking, as well as working with engines.  I also love photography, no duh.

Nikhil Haas jumping in South Africa

People in South America hate it when people call the U.S.A. “America” because they’re “an America”, too.

Try not to take life to seriously – live a little, laugh a little, and be sure to make tons of mistakes…just not the kind that involve alimony or child support.  And give yourself a purpose while on this Earth, contribute to society, better the world for yourself and others, for Pete’s sake (who the hell is this Pete character, anyway?).